Teens|Grammar activating|Pre-Int|10. The Canterville Ghost

School marks

How are things at school?




Match the words and the definitions

Canterville Chase

Read the advertisement. Say if you would like to live in the house or not


Canterville Chase is a very large, old house in the country. There are many rooms, including a library. There’s a big garden. The house comes with one terrifying ghost.

Describe the house

Useful phrases

— The Chase was…
— There was/ were…

The place Around the castle Inside the castle
in the countryside
near London
a village
a garden
a library
large windows
a long corridor
paintings on the walls

The characters


Match the values

Guess the character

1. He thinks the ghost is funny. He removes the bloodstain from the library every morning.

2. He’s not frightened by the ghost. He doesn’t believe in ghosts.

3. She is very frightened by the ghost and faints every time she sees him.

4. She doesn’t like the bloodstain in the library and asks the servant to remove it.

Who said that?

Match the phrase and the character

pic4_gepre-intu110 pic5_gepre-intu110

The bloodstain has always been admired by visitors to the house, and it can’t be cleaned. People have tried, but it won’t go away!

You really must put some oil on those rusty chains. For that purpose, I’m giving you a small bottle of Smith’s Rising Sun Oil. According to the makers, you only have to use it once. It’s quite famous in America.

I will buy the house, the furniture and the ghost. I come from a modern country where we have everything that money can buy. And if there are ghosts in Europe, I’ll be happy to have one. ‘I am so sorry for you,’ she said. ‘But my brothers are going back to school tomorrow and then, if you behave yourself, no one will annoy you.’

My wife was plain, even ugly. And she was a bad housekeeper. She knew nothing about cooking. But it doesn’t matter now: it was a long time ago. But I don’t think it was nice of her brothers to make me die of hunger, even if I did kill her.

Virginia’s letter


Put the verbs into the correct forms

Write a letter from Washington Otis

1. Does he like England?
2. What does he think about the castle?
3. What did he do when he saw the bloodstain?
4. How does he treat the ghost?

Useful language

— to move
— to be afraid of
— to scare
— to laugh
— to remove
— to play tricks on
— to feel sorry
— bloodstain
— haunted
— stupid

Dear Michael,
Three weeks ago my family moved to England.

The ghost

The ghost wrote what the Otises did to him. Correct the facts

pic7_gepre-intu110 pic8_gepre-intu110

Speak about the ghost and his story

1. How did Sir Simon treat his wife?

2. What did his wife’s brothers do to him?

3. How did he try to terrify the American family?

4. How did he feel when he couldn’t scare the family?

5. What did he ask Virginia to do?

Prepare and retell


Put the sentences in the correct order

Retell the story and say how you felt when you read it. Explain why

The castle

The characters

The events

How you felt

Canterville Chase
long corridors
high windows
Mr. Otis
Mrs. Otis
Washington Otis
Virginia Otis
The twins
Mrs. Umney
The ghost of Sir Simon Canterville
to move
to buy a house
to scare
to terrify
to make fun of
to scream
to bang
to play tricks on
to feel sorry for
to murder
to starve
to pray
to be free

Now you can


Now you can:

1. Retell the story in English.
2. Use past tenses for retelling.


1. thunderstorm 7. funeral 13. excited 19. terrify 25. find out
2. blood 8. suit of armor 14. bored 20. scare 26. leave alone
3. skeleton 9. haunted 15. worried 21. make fun of 27. put on
4. jewel 10. cursed 16. angry 22. feel sorry for 28. take off
5. castle 11. scared 17. nervous 23. look after 29. play a trick on
6. servant 12. frightened 18. terrified 24. make noise

Grammar reference


It was a dark evening. Max Butler was walking down a dark, narrow street. The wind was blowing and it was raining. Suddenly, Max heard a noise behind him. He stopped and turned round.

We use Past Continuous to talk about situations in progress at a time in the past. We often use Past Continuous in stories.


8.30, running, singing

At half past eight that morning I was running to school. The birds were singing.

We form Past Continuous like this:

I/he/she/it was running
we/you/they were running

Pete was working.
James and Anna were talking.

I/he/she/it wasn’t running
we/you/they weren’t running

I wasn’t crying.
You weren’t looking.

Was I/he/she/it running?
Were we/you/they running?
Yes, we were. No, they weren’t.

Was the sun shining? Yes, it was.
Were Bella and Henry eating? No, they weren’t.

Describe a character


Choose a character from the story and describe him or her

— who was the character
— describe the appearance
— describe the personality
— what he did in the story
— your opinion about the character


1. businessman 6. murder 11. serious 16. young
2. ghost 7. laugh 12. miserable 17. innocent
3. servant 8. terrify 13. pleased 18. skeptic
4. twin 9. be scared 14. afraid 19. feel sorry for
5. castle 10. leave alone 15. nervous 20. play a trick on

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