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What’s for breakfast

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Read what the people say and guess the dish they will have for breakfast

Kids try food

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Watch the video and answer the questions

Gina: Don’t like that … That’s for sure! It tastes good. Tastes like something my mum wouldn’t make. And I know I’m not gonna like this. Smells like ice tea.
Anna: It smells like apple sauce.
Gina: Oh, my gosh! Never … in my life … Have I … Oh! … That’s strong!

  1. What food do the children taste?
  2. Do the children like all the food?
  3. What do you think the food they are eating tastes?
  4. What tastes of food do you like?
  5. What tastes of food don’t you like?

Tastes differ

Turn the cards over and practise saying the words

It's sweet
It’s sweet


It's salty
It’s salty


It's bitter
It’s bitter


It's spicy
It’s spicy


It’s sour


It's fizzy
It’s fizzy


It's tasty
It’s tasty


It’s disgusting


It's cold
It’s cold


Correct the mistakes in the sentences

Describe the taste

Name the food and describe its taste

Example: These are strawberries. They’re sweet.

broccoli, milkshake, lime, peanut, chili, hot, cold, salty, sweet, sour, bitter

Read the rules and play the guessing game

  1. Think of some food.
  2. Describe what it looks like.
  3. Describe its taste.
  4. Say when/where people eat it.
  5. Say in what country it’s popular.


It’s a kind of fruit.
It is green or red.
It is round.
It is sweet and juicy. It can be sour.
It’s popular in the summer.

Useful language

  • It’s a kind of …
  • People eat it with …
  • It’s round/green/fresh.
  • It’s tasty/bitter/sweet.
  • People eat it in the winter.
  • It’s popular on Birthdays/holidays/Christmas day.
  • People eat it with salt/sugar.

What is she cooking?

Watch the video and put the instructions in order

The ingredients are pancake mix, milk, water, eggs and your favourite fruits. First, combine the pancake mix with milk and water. And then add the eggs. Mix, mix, mix, mix! … Now it’s ready to cook. Looks yummy! Eating time! You will need syrup, butter … and the fruits!

Study the rule

When we give orders and instructions, we use the imperative.

When we speak to people, we can add please to be polite.

Affirmative  Negative 
base form of the verb  don’t + base form of the verb 

Add some milk.
Be quietplease. 


Don’t add eggs.
Don’t worry!
Please, don’t run. 

Country style chicken

Look at the pictures and complete the instructions

Complete the recipe

Watch and talk

Watch the video and talk about the recipe

Example: For this recipe, you need a bagel, a banana …

Useful language


Cooking actions 

a bagel  to cut in half / in small pieces 
a banana  to spread 
chocolate spread  to add 
peanut butter  to put in 
marshmallows  to put on top 

For this recipe, you need a bagel, a banana, chocolate spread and peanut butter, and some marshmallows. Cut the bagel in half and put it in a toaster.

Cut the banana in small pieces.

Spread some peanut butter and some chocolate spread on the bagel parts, and then add the banana and some marshmallows.

Make your video recipe

Check out some of the children’s cooking blogs for inspiration.

How to make cakes in easy bake oven. 🔗Link 1

Hunter in the kitchen. 🔗Link 2

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Put the instructions in the correct order

What are they?

Put the words into the right categories

pic4_Grammar act|El|L9

Complete the questions

Cooking your favourite dish

Example: Do you need any milk?

What I can do

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The things you have learnt today:

  • give instructions for cooking a dish;
  • describe the taste of a dish;
  • use countable and uncountable nouns correctly;
  • follow the instructions to make a video recipe.


Cooking actions


Useful language

  • chocolate spread

Put the words into the correct column | Поставь слова в правильную колонку

Complete the questions with much or many | Составь вопросы с much или many

Look at the pictures and correct the verbs | Посмотри на изображения и исправь глаголы

Watch the video and put the instructions in the correct order | Посмотри видео и составь инструкцию в правильном порядке

The second breakfast idea is like a burrito, but not really, so wait, let me show you. For this you will need a plain tortilla, some sausage, Philadelphia cheese and also a corn if you want. So, I just slice the tortilla in half and then put some Philadelphia cheese. On top of that I add some sausage and then corn on other side and that’s pretty much all of the ingredients. And now you just wrap it all together and it’s ready. So, it’s really quick and easy to make. And definitely, very nutritious. You can even take this with you to school.

Prepare and record your 1-minute speech on the topic «Food» | Подготовь свою 1-минутную речь на тему «Еда»

pic5_Grammar act|El|L9

Cover the points:

1. The food you have got in your fridge.
2. How much/how many of it you have got.
3. The food you haven’t got in your fridge.
4. The food you need to buy in the supermarket.

Удели внимание вопросам:

  1. Еда, которая есть в твоем холодильнике.
  2. Сколько её у тебя есть.
  3. Еда, которой нет в твоем холодильнике.
  4. Еда, которую тебе нужно купить в супермаркете.

Allow your browser the access to the microphone, press the button «Click to record» and record the speech you have prepared | Разреши своему браузеру получить доступ к микрофону, нажми на кнопку «Click to record» и запиши речь, которую ты подготовил(-а)

Урок Homework Курс
  • What's for breakfast
  • Kids try food
  • Tastes differ
  • Describe the taste
  • What is she cooking?
  • Country style chicken
  • Watch and talk
  • Make your video recipe
  • What are they?
  • What I can do
  • HW: How much, how many?
  • HW: Cooking actions
  • HW: Watch and order
  • HW: There are some apples...