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Choose the correct word to complete the sentence

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Complete the sentences with the positive or negative forms of must or have to.

Read the texts and complete the sentences with the correct forms of the adjectives

Read the text about the Manor Park School and choose if the sentences are True or False

A different way to learn

Manor Park School in California has a gym, ten classrooms, a library and a kitchen. However, there are no timetables, no homework and no exams. Teachers don’t give students marks for their work and they never give them tests. There are lessons, but the students don’t have to go to them. They can choose what they do and how they spend their time. If they don’t want to study, they can play video games, talk with friends or watch TV. They can cook a meal if they’re hungry, or bring food from home and eat it when they like.

If students want to do a project or learn something, they can ask for lessons. Anyone can go to these classes, from the youngest student, who is five, to the oldest students, who are eighteen. Often students teach the classes themselves. Thirteen-year-old Lewis taught a class on cosmology to a group of older students last week. He’s going to give more classes over the next few weeks.

Other subjects available at the moment are Chinese, nature study, maths, bike repair, film-making, art, music and photography. The head teacher says it’s not very important for the children to learn hard things like chemistry or physics. «They just forget it,» he says. «Instead, they have to learn how to learn. Then, when they’re interested in something, they can find out about it by themselves.»

Listen to the recording and complete the gaps with one word

pic2_Grammar act|El|L28

I’m from New Zealand. There are only about 4 million people in my country. There are more sheep than people here! New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

There are two big islands. South Island is bigger than North Island, but the weather in North Island is better — it’s warmer and sunnier. But it isn’t sunny all the time. In winter it snows a lot.

There are a lot of hills and high mountains in South Island. The highest is Mount Cook. It’s 3,754 meters high. The capital city is in the North Island. It’s called Wellington.

Listen to Dillon asking about the school trip. Tick the things he has to do

pic14_T|Grammar act|L9

Dillon | Teacher

Dillon: Do I have to get up early every day?
Teacher: Of course. Breakfast’s at eight o’clock.
Dillon: Do I have to go climbing?
Teacher: You don’t have to. But try it. It’s fun.
Dillon: Do I have to go sailing?
Teacher: Yes, everybody has to do that.
Dillon: Do I have to go to the disco?
Teacher: Well … You can stay in your room instead if you want to.
Dillon: Can I bring my phone with me?
Teacher: I’m afraid you can’t. You have to leave your phone at home.
Dillon: Do I have to share a bedroom?
Teacher: Yes, you do. There are six people in each room.
Dillon: And do I have to help with the cleaning?
Teacher: Yes, you have to help clean the kitchen and the dining room.
Dillon: And do I have to do any school work?
Teacher: Of course, you don’t have to do any school work! It’s a holiday!

Look at the table and compare the students. Prepare and record 8-10 sentences about them

Useful language

🔹… is better / worse at history than …

🔹… is older / younger than …

🔹… is taller / shorter than …

🔹… is the oldest / youngest …

Allow your browser the access to the microphone, press the button «Record» and record the speech you have prepared

Think about your perfect school

pic3_Grammar act|El|L28

Cover the points:

  1. a name for your school;
  2. the size of your school;
  3. what students can / can’t do;
  4. what students have to / don’t have to do;
  5. what the teachers are like;
  6. what subjects you study.

Write about the school of your dreams. Use the plan and some of the words below

Советы по написанию сочинения

  1. Прочитайте внимательно задание и/или вопросы.
  2. Составьте план того, о чем хотите написать.
  3. Напишите текст по составленному плану.
  4. Перечитайте текст перед отправкой на проверку.
  5. Здесь вы найдете правила написания и примеры работ.
  6. Воспользуйтесь программой Grammarly, которая поможет избежать опечаток и исправит некоторые грамматические ошибки.



Useful language

1. have to

2. can

3. must

4. don’t have to

5. can’t

6. mustn’t

If you open the lesson plan you will be able to assign separate pages as homework or all the homework pages at once.

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