Teens|Grammar activating|El|24. How to escape from housework

Read the comic and listen to the conversation. Then answer the questions

Mother: Lucy, you must tidy the living room! Peter, you must clean the kitchen floor, it’s dirty! I have to go out and buy some flowers, now. And remember: the cats mustn’t come into the house! Oh, hello Beth!
Beth: I don’t understand. Why do you have to do all these things now?
Peter: Because Great Aunt Agatha is going to stay with us for a few days.

1. What household chores do Lucy and Peter have to do?

2. Why do they have to do the chores?

3. Are they happy about their aunt’s visit?

Talk about yourself

1. Do you help your parents around the house?

2. What household chores do you do?

Match the expressions with the pictures

We use «have to» when we say that something is necessary, especially because someone orders us to do it.

We use «don’t have to» when we say that it is not necessary to do something.

Talk about yourself and other members of your family


I have to make the bed every morning.

I don’t have to cook breakfast, because my mum does it.

1. I have to…

2. I don’t have to…

3. My brother/sister has to/doesn’t have to…

4. My dad has to/doesn’t have to…

Watch the video and complete the sentences

🔹to dry

🔹to do the hoovering

🔹to put away the dishes

Faye: But mum!..
Mum: Look, Faye, I know you don’t want to but I just need some more help around here! Right, I want you to tidy your room put away the dishes, I want you to do some dusting, some hoovering and clean the toilet. Definitely, tidy your room.

Remember! We usually use Do/does smb have to V? in questions.

✔️ You must wash the dishes.

✔️ Do I have to dry them too?

Ask and answer questions about Faye


Does she have to…?


Do you have to…?

  • do the washing-up
  • do the dusting
  • do the hoovering
  • tidy the room
  • take the rubbish out
  • do the hoovering
  • do the shopping
  • make the bed

Watch the video and answer the questions

Faye: That should do it!
Mum: It’s filthy! Absolutely filthy! Hm…
Faye: Hm… How am I going to do this? I know! Ha-ha!..
Mum: What was that? I bet, I know who it was: Faye doing the dishes!
Faye: Mum shall never ask me to do the dishes again!

  1. How did Faye do the chores?
  2. What was her «mum’s» reaction?
  3. What do you think «mum» will do?
  4. Do you ever do tricks to escape from chores?

Watch the video and talk about what Faye had to do

Mum: Hm… It looks like she’s spilled some water here. Faye?
Faye: Yeah?
Mum: Have you done all your chores?
Faye: Yeah, yeah, I’ve done them…
Mum: Well you haven’t done the job properly. So, do them all again.
Faye: Nooooo!..

We use «had to V» when we speak about the obligations and duties in the past.

We use «didn’t have to V» when we say that it was not necessary to do something in the past.

Faye had to… again.

She didn’t have to…

  • do the dishes
  • do the hoovering
  • do the dusting
  • tidy her room
  • take the rubbish out
  • do the shopping

Talk about what you had to do/didn’t have to do

  • Last week I had to…
  • Yesterday I had to…
  • When I was three, I didn’t have to…
  • On my last holidays I didn’t have to…

Now we are going to talk about the rules children have at home. Let’s have a look at the meaning of «can» in the sentences.

pic1_Grammar act|El|L24 pic2_Grammar act|El|L24

Read the text and complete the gaps with one or two words

We use «can V» when we say that it is allowed to do something.

E.g. You can have a piece of cake after you finish dinner.

We use «can’t V» when we say that it is not allowed to do something.

E.g. You can’t go for a walk! You must finish your homework first.

Write the rules that you have at home

pic3_Grammar act|El|L24

can, can’t, have to, don’t have to

On weekdays At the weekend

Talk about the rules that you would like to have at home

respect each other, eat sweets, help each other, be strict, go to bed late, help children with the homework, be polite, have meals together, eat in the room, get up late at the weekend

1. Children must…

2. Children mustn’t…

3. Parents have to…

4. Parents can’t…

grammar table1

grammar table_2

grammar table_3

grammar table_4

grammar table_5

Watch the video and complete the rules

pic4_Grammar act|El|L24 pic5_Grammar act|El|L24

The Jonas family is very big. They have eight children and live in a big country house. They have a farm and run family business. How do they keep the house in order?

Girl: We are so thankful, that you guys are still sending us questions. We’ve got a new one this week from Shannon and Virginia, who want to know, what are family’s house rules are.
Chorus: Rule number one: eat at the table.
Boy: If we eat in the bedroom or living room, then the house can get very dirty, which is why we eat at the dining room.
Chorus: Rule number two: sit on the couches.
Boy: When we were little, it was fine just to jump on the couches. But as we got older, the frame started to break, so we made a rule, that we have to sit on the couches.
Chorus: Rule number three: no running, hiding or wrestling.
Girl: When we’re outside, we can play however we want. But when we’re inside, in order for dad to keep the sanity, there can’t be any running, any hiding or any wrestling.
Chorus: Rule number four: mind your own business.
Boy: In order to keep the peace, we are not allowed to tattletale. That’s why we always mind our own business.
Chorus: Rule number five: Keep your hands to yourself.
Dad: Here at home we try to cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect and love. And nobody likes detest, so we teach our children to keep their hands to themselves.

What rules do you have at home?

pic6_Grammar act|El|L24 pic7_Grammar act|El|L24

Write 6-8 sentences about your family rules



Useful language

  • to do the chores
  • to be polite
  • to be strict
  • to be kind

Prepare a presentation of your family rules

pic8_Grammar act|El|L24 pic9_Grammar act|El|L24

You can:

  • make a video presentation
  • draw a poster and make a photo
  • make a PowerPoint presentation of the rules

Send the presentation to your teacher.

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