Self-study|IT|Pre-Int|Lesson 15: Meetings


Do the crossword

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Read some bad tips for organizing a meeting, correct and rewrite them

Today we’re going to learn how to participate in a meeting successfully using the right tactics and target language.


Spin the wheel and answer the questions. Use the voice recorder

Listen to two people describing the meetings they remember well and choose the correct option about each of them

Speaker 1

Oh, I want to tell you about one meet-up I visited two months ago. The topic was really impressive – «Is there a future for Blockchain?» I really liked the venue – it was spacious with comfortable chairs. But the thing is, the attendees. I didn’t share their ideas at all, but I couldn’t dispute with them because of my poor English. What made me really mad is that they always interrupted me when I tried to disagree with them.

Speaker 2

Last year I visited Hackathon. Did I like it? Of course yes! The event was organized on a very high professional level. The experience I got there can’t be compared with anything. The only problem I have experienced there was a lack of useful vocabulary for debating. Some people in my team tried to dominate the discussion, and I couldn’t stop them politely. I also wasn’t always able to get their message. What’s more, I sometimes couldn’t express my ideas clearly, so they went unnoticed. So I decided to boost the skills I lack for the next Hackathon. So see you there and be ready – I’ll rock!

Speaker 1

Speaker 2


Match the problems with the actions that must be done in such situations

Phrases 1

Tick the appropriate phrases according to the category

Phrases 2


Complete the second sentence with one of the given words so that it means the same

Imagine you’re in a meeting and your colleagues say such phrases. Think of possible responses in these situations.


Sorry for the interruption, but I can’t catch what you mean.


Sorry to butt in, but that’s not really how I see it.


Let’s use symbiosis to reach our goal.


I think investing money in AI is just a bad idea, nothing more.


I hope this presentation was useful for you
and you were able to learn new information.
Besides, I believe, this data was practical for everyone.

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1. — Sorry for the interruption, but I can’t catch what you mean.
— The point I’m trying to make is … .

2. — Sorry to butt in, but that’s not really how I see it.
— Let me complete my thoughts.

3. — Let’s use symbiosis to reach our goal.
— I can’t get what you mean.

4. — I think investing money in AI is just a bad idea, nothing more.
— That’s not really how I see it.

5. — I hope this presentation was useful for you, and you were able to learn new information. Besides, I believe, this data was practical for everyone.
— I apologize for the interruption, but I have an important question.


Reorder the words and read some problems you can face during the meeting


Complete the questions with the right words

Take part in a meeting with your colleagues. Use the phrases you’ve practised today

Purpose: to create an action plan on how to improve meetings in your workplace

Agenda: Read the short dialogues between your boss and colleagues below. In each case, express your opinion. You might have to butt in a conversation, contradict, clarify, etc.



Read the text and choose a heading for each paragraph

Choose the correct option to complete the phrases

Learn other phrases useful for holding a meeting.


Click on the extra word in each sentence


There are different classifications of meetings based on their purpose, format, regularity, duration and many other factors. Let’s learn more about these types of meetings that are popular in the IT sphere.

Read the texts about types of meetings and choose the best name for each

Listen to three people giving their opinions about meetings and mark the sentences as True or False

Speaker 1: Meetings? I advise all people who think that meetings are valuable to download an app from the internet to calculate the cost of your meetings. You just type in the number of participants, their hourly wage and press the start button. As the seconds tick away, you’ll see how much this meeting costs, and you’ll start to acknowledge what a horrible waste of time and money most meetings are.

Speaker 2: Meetings are a vital part of working with other people. Meetings let you and your colleagues communicate and share information, solve problems or resolve disputes, improve performance, build teamwork and move projects forward. On top of this, it gives everyone a feeling that they are a part of a team and their work is important for the company.

Speaker 3: Meetings are a part of my work routine. Some of them are really useful, but some are just fool’s errands. The main problem with meetings is that people don’t know, or know but don’t follow, the business etiquette. If a meeting is well organised and chaired, and the attendees contribute to the success of the meeting, then it definitely won’t be a waste of time.


Complete the points below with the right words

How are meetings held in your company? Write about it in the text area below covering the points from the previous exercise

Useful Language

  • Firstly, …
  • Also, …
  • What’s more, …
  • However, …
  • Nevertheless, …
  • Finally, …
  • As for me, …
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