GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|Revise and Check 1-4


1.1 Look at the people and write in the gaps their country and nationality. Use words from the box.

  • India — Indian
  • Canada — Canadian
  • Japan — Japanese
  • Spain — Spanish
  • Italy — Italian
  • Germany — German
  • Ukraine — Ukrainian
  • France — French
  • China — Chinese
  • the USA — American
  • Russia — Russian
  • the UK (United Kingdom) — British
  • Turkey — Turk, Turkish

What is your nationality? Where are you from?

Asking questions

1.2 Read the interview with Serkan, a Turkish student in England. Complete the questions with question words from the box.

pic1_GE_Pre-Int_Revise 1-4

2.1 Look at the 3D picture of a hotel room. What furniture can you see there? Click on the hotspots and check yourself. What furniture and equipment would you like to see there?


3.1 Look at the pictures and guess the answers. Then click on to reveal each word/phrase.

Example: hair type….> curly hair



1.1 Choose and mark the correct word or phrase.

1.2 Write the correct form of the verb to be.

1.3 Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense, Past Simple or Past Continuous.



1.1 Fill in the gaps with the correct words/phrases.

1.2 Fill the gaps with ‘in’, ‘on’ or ‘at’.

1.3 Choose and mark the odd word in each line.


listen and speak_Lesson

1.1 Choose and mark the word with different pronunciation in each line.

1.2 Choose the syllable that is stressed.


1.1 Read the text written by a famous journalist.

pic2_GE_Pre-Int_Revise 1-4

About three years ago it was the 1st time, when I noticed tendency of taking photos everywhere. It was at the National Gallery in London. A big crowd of visitors was taking pictures of every single picture and other pieces of art. They didn’t enjoy the art itself, but were just taking their pictures. I was pretty surprised when I saw it. Since that day the only thing I always see at art galleries is people taking pictures. Everywhere. “Look at me, I’m cool because I was there” – is this what they are thinking about? They don’t really enjoy art because they don’t even look at paintings. They push one another to take better photos and to have a better view. This happens everywhere. For example, I went to France two weeks ago, and one day I visited the French Paper Art Gallery. What did I see there? Yes, crowds of people taking photos and definitely to prove others that they were there. Moreover, now people tend to take photos of one another posing near a picture or to take selfie-photos. So they don’t look at the piece of art itself.
I would ban taking photos at art galleries if I could. But maybe there is a less drastic solution. People have to look at the art first… during a minute or so, and only then they may take pictures.

1.2 What does the journalist think about taking photos at art galleries?

1.3 Look at the highlighted words and try to guess their meaning.

1.4 Mark these sentences T (true) or F (false).


Practical English


1.1 Listen to five people and answer the following questions:


I = interviewer, S = Sam

I: Who do you look like in your family?
S: I guess I look like my father. Everyone tells me we’re like twins.


I = interviewer, J = Jenny

I: Do you have a favourite place?
J: Sure.
I: Can you describe it?
J: Yes, it’s our house in Scotland. We have a beautiful view of snowy mountains. Every time walking into our home, I feel an immediate sense of warmth and security.


I = interviewer, M = Melanie

I: Where did you go last summer?
M: To Turkey.
I: Did you enjoy your trip?
M: Of course. That was our second time there.
I: Oh really?!
M: First time I was there with my parents. And I loved that country very much. The food, customs, beauty of the cities… I really like Turkey.


I = interviewer, K = Klaus

I: Do you have a lot of photos?
K: I don’t, but my daughter does.
I: What does she take photos of?
K: Absolutely everything. Food, clothes, a plenty of selfies.


I — interviewer, A = Andrew

I: Do you prefer to watch films at home or to go to the cinema?
A: It depends. Mostly I prefer to watch films at home.
I: Why?
A: When you go to the cinema you can watch films on a big screen. But at home there is a cozy atmosphere and you can stop the film at any moment.

2.1 Can you…?

– ask and answer questions about work, studies, your family, and free time?
– describe the appearance and personality of someone you know?
– describe a picture in the book and say what is happening, what the people are wearing?
– ask and answer about your holiday?
– describe your favourite photo?
– make up the sentences using the connectors so, because, and although?

If you open the lesson plan you will be able to assign separate pages as homework or all the homework pages at once.

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  • Warm-up
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation
  • Reading
  • Practical English
  • Homework
  1. 1. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|1. Where are you from?
  2. 2. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|2. Describing people
  3. 3. GE|Adults| Pre-Intermediate|3. Things you wear. Prepositions of place. Clothes
  4. 4. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|4. How did you spend your holidays?
  5. 5. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|5. Historical events
  6. 6. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|6. How to tell a good story?
  7. 7. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|7. What are you going to do?
  8. 8. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|8. Old friends
  9. 9. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|9. Can you explain it in English? Words-helpers
  10. 10. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|10. Annoying habits
  11. 11. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|11. Going shopping
  12. 12. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|12. Good weekend vs bad weekend. At the weekend
  13. 13. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|13. Life in metropolises
  14. 14. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|14. Describing a town (city)
  15. 15. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|15. Are you a healthy person?
  16. 16. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|16. Pessimist vs Optimist. Choose your side
  17. 17. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|17. Speak low, if you speak 'Love'
  18. 18. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|18. Every great dream begins with a dreamer
  19. 19. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|19. I told her: my house is your house. So she sold it
  20. 20. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|20. To do what you like is freedom...
  21. 21. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|21. You don't have to be great to start...
  22. 22. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|Practical English 1: Check into the hotel
  23. 23. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|Practical English 2: Going to a restaurant
  24. 24. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|Practical English 3: In the shopping centre
  25. 25. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|Practical English 4: At the pharmacy
  26. 26. GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|Revise and Check 1-4
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