GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|Practical English 1: Check into the hotel


1.1 Look at the photo. Can you describe these people?

pic1_GE_Pre-Int_Pract 1

1.2 Listen and answer the questions about Matthew.

Matthew Smith

My name’s Matthew Smith. I live and work in London. I work as a doctor in a hospital. A year ago, I visited the hospital in New York to learn more about working process. I met my colleague, William Darcer. We had dinner together. It was a working dinner on my birthday… But I spent more time with Jane Lambert. She’s my friend. We drank a couple of coffee together. Then, we went sightseeing. She helped me to buy some presents for my family. I liked her a lot. I think she liked me too. Jane is a very good friend. She is going to visit London and she’s so excited about this trip. That would be great to see her again.

1. What does Matthew do?
2. Where did he go a year ago?
3. Who’s Jane Lambert?
4. What did Matthew and William have together?
5. What does he think of Jane Lambert?
6. Why is Jane so excited?

Calling reception

1.1 Listen to the dialogue. Who does Alex call? Why?

pic2_GE_Pre-Int_Pract 1


A – Alex, R – receptionist

R: Hello, reception.
A: Hello, This is room 472.
R: How can I help you?
A: There’s a problem with the air conditioning. The temperature is very low and it’s too cold in my room.
R: I’m sorry, sir. I’ll send somebody up to look at it right now.
A: Thanks a lot.

R: Good morning, reception.
A: Hello. I’m sorry to bother you again. This is room 472.
R: How can I help you?
A: I have a problem with the Wi-fi. I can’t get a signal.
R: I’m sorry sir. I’ll put you through to it.
A: Thanks.

1.2 Listen again. Complete the phrases.

! Interesting fact

I’ll = I will

We use I’ll + verb to offer to do sth

1.3 Read and complete the dialogue.

Booking a hotel room

«I’d like to book a room»

pic3_GE_Pre-Int_Pract 1

splendid — великолепный

confirmation number — номер подтверждения

1.4 Click on true or false for each sentence about the dialogue above.


Hotel language

pic10_T|Grammar act|L9

1.1 The language used when staying in a hotel is quite simple, but very specific. Read the dialogues below. Remember specific phrases and vocabulary in italics.


Reception: Good morning, sir/madam. Can I help you?
Guest: I would like to check-in please.
Reception: Certainly sir/madam. Do you have a reservation?
Guest: Yes. My name is ………….
Reception: Ah yes. Mr./Mrs./Ms. …………. . Can I have your credit card please?
Guest: Sure. Is Visa card okay?
Reception: Yes, that’s fine thank you. How long will you be staying?
Guest: Three nights. Here is my credit card.
Reception: Thank you. You are in room 2508. Please sign here. Here is your key. The bell-boy will help you with your luggage and show you to your room.
Guest: Thank you. Oh, by the way, what time is breakfast?
Reception: Breakfast is from 7 to 9 in the restaurant on the 3rd floor.
Guest: Thank you, and what time is check-out?
Reception: Check-out is at 10 am.
Guest: Thank you.
Reception: Have a pleasant stay sir/madam.


sir/madam — сэр/мадам
Can I help you? — Я могу Вам помочь?
check-in — регистрироваться
have a reservation — бронировать
credit card — кредитная карта
Visa card — карта Visa
How long will you be staying? — Как долго планируете пробыть/остаться?
sign here — подпишите здесь
key — ключ
bell-boy — посыльный/коридорный
luggage — багаж
What time is breakfast? — Во сколько завтрак?
What time is check-out? — Во сколько выезд?
Have a pleasant stay. — Желаем приятного отдыха/пребывания.


Reception: Good morning sir/madam. How can I help you?
Guest: I want to check-out, please.
Reception: Certainly sir/madam. Room number?
Guest: Room number 2508. Here is the key.
Reception: Thank you. Just a minute please…You had some drinks and snacks from the mini-bar. That comes to $35 please. How would you like to pay?
Guest: Cash, please. Here’s $35.
Reception: That’s fine thank you and here is your receipt.
Guest: Thanks. Can I have a taxi for the airport, please?
Reception: Certainly sir/madam. The doorman will order one now.
Guest: Thanks. Bye.
Reception: Please come back and stay again. Have a safe journey.


I want to check-out, please. — Я хочу выехать из отеля.
Room number? — Какой номер комнаты?
Here is the key. — Вот ключ.
mini-bar — мини-бар
That comes to… — К оплате…(букв. — это доходит до…)
How would you like to pay? — Как/Каким способом Вы хотели бы оплатить?
Cash, please. — Наличными, пожалуйста.
Here is your receipt. — Вот Ваш чек.
Can I have a taxi for the airport, please? — Я могу взять такси до аэропорта, пожалуйста?
doorman — швейцар
to order — заказывать
Have a safe journey. — Счастливой дороги/Безопасного путешествия.

1.2 Try to learn some hotel facilities for guests and some hotel staff. Use flashcards.

facilities — |fəˈsɪlɪtɪz| — оборудование, удобства

staff — |stɑːf| — персонал

1.3 Check yourself. Write in each flashcard the correct word from the previous task.

Meeting a colleague

1.1 Listen to the dialogue and mark the sentences T (true) or F (false). Say why the F sentences are false.

pic4_GE_Pre-Int_Pract 1

Kate and Alex

K – Kate, A — Alex

K: So, finally you are in New Orleans.
A: Yeah, it’s such a pleasure to be here. It’s really wonderful.
K: And how’s your hotel?
A: It’s nice. My room is pretty good.
K: Do you have a good view from your room?
A: I can see a wonderful lake.
K: Tomorrow I’m going to show you around the office and introduce you to our colleagues. Marry’s looking forward to meeting you… You remember, Marry, my boss?
A: Oh… yeah, sorry.
K: And then you can start thinking about your theme of writing. Have you got any ideas yet, Alex?… Alex?
A: What? Sorry, Kate.
K: You must be really tired.
A: Well, yes, I am a bit. What’s time now?
K: It’s eight o’clock.
A: Eight o’clock? That’s three o’clock in the morning for me.
K: Let’s finish our drinks. You need to go to bed.
A: You’re totally right.
K: So, see you at 10 in the office.
A: At ten?
K: Is that fine for you?
A: It’s perfect. Thanks, Kate.
K: Give me a favor.
A: What’s that?
K: Don’t be late.
A: By the way, it’s great to see you again.
K: Yeah, It’s a pleasure to see you.

1.2 Look at the phrases. Can you remember any of the missing words?

1.3 Listen and check yourself.

Finally, you are in New Orleans

K: Finally, you are in New Orleans.
A: It’s such a pleasure to be here.
K: Do you have a good view?
K: Marry’s looking forward to meeting you.
K: You must be really tired.
A: You’re totally right.
K: Don’t be late.
A: It’s great to see you again.

2.1 Listen again and repeat the phrases. How do you say them in your language?


  • Offer to do something?
  • Tell somebody about a problem (in a hotel etc.)
  • Greet a friend who you haven’t seen for a long time.


1.1 Complete the conversation with a phrase from the box.

air conditioning — система кондиционирования воздуха

to bother — беспокоить

put you through to it…-подключу Вас (к нему)…

1.2 Answer the Receptionist’s questions, complete and write the dialogue below (R — Receptionist, You — Guest).

Receptionist’s lines (use them in the dialogue):

— Good morning. Can I help you?
— Yes, you have reserved a single room for three nights, is that correct?
— What floor do you prefer?
— Fill in the registration form, please.
— Sign in here, please.
— Will you pay by cash or credit card?
— Your room number is 1107. Here is your key.
— Would you like to help with your luggage?

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