GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|7. What are you going to do?


1.1 Do you remember the last time when you were at the airport? When? Did you meet someone?


1.2 Role: Play «Booking a flight». Look at the diagram and complete a dialogue. Then play it with your teacher or classmate.


1.1 Do you know the meaning of these words? Match the pictures with the words.

1.2 Look at the pictures from the previous task and write new words.

1.3 Find the words from the grid.


1.1 How often do people use airport? What do you think it is more for working abroad or for travelling?

1.2 Listen to three people telling about their trips. Then listen again and complete the chart.



I: Excuse me, do you have a moment?
J: Sure.
I: Where are you going?
J: To New York.
I: Why are you going there?
J: For travelling. I dreamt about visiting America.
I: So you are going to achieve your dream.
J: Yes. I looked so many places that I want to see. I’m so excited! And also I have some friends there. I’m going to see them as well.
I: How long are you going to stay there for?
J: For 3 weeks. I’d like to see so many places like Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Hotel Plaza, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and so on!
I: Oh, you have great plans!
J: Well, yes. And three weeks are not enough for me.
I: I wish you enjoy your time and have a safe trip.
J: Thank you very much.


I: Excuse me, do you have a moment?
S: Yes, of course.
I: Where are you going?
S: Russia.
I: For a holiday?
S: No, I’m going to work in Russia. I’m going to have a musical concert.
l: Where exactly in Russia are you going?
S: Moscow. It’s the capital of Russia. I looked for some information in the Internet and it’s a very beautiful city.
I: How long are you going to be there for?
S: I’m going to be in Moscow for two weeks and after that I’m going to travel around Russia for a month.
I: That sounds great!
S: Yes, I’m really looking forward to it.
I: How do you feel? Are you nervous? Excited?
S: A bit nervous, because I don’t speak much Russian. But at the same time I’m very excited to see something new!
I: I wish you good luck and have a great time.
S: Thank you very much.


I: Excuse me, can I borrow you?
O: Yeah, OK.
I: Where are you going?
O: To New Zealand.
I: That’s a long flight. How many hours are you going to fly?
S: About 6 hours.
I: Why are you going to New Zealand?
O: It’s a business trip.
I: That sounds great. What business do you have?
O: Our company sells furniture and things like that. So we would like to import our production to New Zealand.
I: Oh, I wish you luck and safe trip. Hope you can make a deal!
O: Thanks.


1.1 Look at these sentences from the airport interviews and complete the gaps with the form of be going to + verb.

1.2 Write 5 sentences with to be going to + verb using the rules.

Use be going to + infinitive to talk about future plans or intensions.

We use be going to + infinitive to make a prediction when we know or can see that something is going to happen.

Example: Look at this girl. She is going to jump.

1.3 Complete the sentences. Use going to + one of these verbs:

eat / do / give / lie down / stay / walk / watch

Example: My hands are dirty. I‘m going to wash them.

Pronunciation and Speaking


1.1 Listen carefully to the rhythm of these sentences. Listen again and repeat.

What are you going to buy for your mum?

What are you going to buy for your mum?
I think they are going to marry this month.
Are you going to visit them?
I am going to read tonight.
When are you going to travel?

! Fast speech: gonna

When people speak fast they often pronounce ‘going to’ as ’gonna’. It’s a common contraction in American English.


1.1 Answer the questions:

1. When was your last flight? How often do you fly? Where?
2. What do you usually feel when you’re at the airport?

1.2 Read the article about the most common mistakes at the airports and answer the questions:


5 Mistakes Every First-time Flier Makes

Congratulations, you’ve booked your first flight! Pat yourself on the back, because there are only a few more steps between you and your flying experience. There are some common errors that newbie travelers frequently make. Luckily, once you know what those mistakes are, they are easy to avoid.

1. Packing Too Much
The general rule when you pack for a trip is that you don’t need as much as you think you need.

2. Packing Large Liquids in a Carry-on
If you’re not checking a bag, remember that carry-on liquids, gels, and aerosols have to be 3.4 fluid ounces or less and fit in a clear bag.

3. Forgetting to Check your Passport Expiration
There is nothing quite like the panic that comes from booking a spontaneous vacation and realizing your passport is expired—or not realizing that you and your child need a passport to visit Canada or Mexico. Adding to the challenge is that some countries won’t allow you to visit within six months of your passport’s expiration date in case you take an extra-long vacation and they want to make sure you have a valid passport to travel back to the United States. In short, it never hurts to check your passport’s expiration date and, if necessary, renew it before your next big trip.

4. Getting Lost When You’re On a Tight Schedule
First of all, with the right attitude, getting lost while you travel can be fun. A wrong turn can lead you to a new beach, a new restaurant, or a neighborhood you otherwise would never have discovered. However, if getting lost stresses you out or you have an appointment to keep, don’t forget to pack maps, pick up your hotel’s business card so you have their address readily available to hand to cab drivers, and set a reminder that you can use Google Maps offline.

5. Assuming Your Carry-on Is the Right Size
Domestic and international travel each have a different set of rules when it comes to carry-on bag sizes. Before you head to the airport with your carefully packed bag, make sure your tote qualifies as a carry-on and check your airline’s size restrictions before you leave home.

1. Did you make any of these mistakes? Which?
2. What else can you add to this list?

1.3 Look at the highlighted words and try to guess their meaning. Make up sentences with the new words.



1.1 Complete the sentences with be going to + a verb from the list.

be, book, not fly, get, miss, not sleep, not stay

1.2 Complete the sentences using to be going to + verb.


1.3 Complete the text using the words below.

1.4 Learn these words and phrases (turn to see the translation).

1.5 Check yourself. Look at the pictures and write the correct words.

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