GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|5. Historical events


1.1 Look at the photo. It was taken by a journalist and photographer Tom Pilston. In your opinion, what is happening there?

1.2 Read the text about the photo and its own story. Do your thoughts about the story differ from the story written in the text?


It was a historical and unforgettable event

It all happened on November 4. A journalist and photographer Tom Pilston took a really great photo that shows us strong and true emotions of people who learned the results of election in Chicago when Barack Obama won elections and became the President of the United States of America.
Firstly, the photographer wanted to go inside the Convention Center and take photos of Barack Obama and his family but he couldn’t, because of some problems with his documents. So that he went outside and saw a lot of people waiting for the results. Tom turned on his camera and took the photo when the people were looking at the large TV screens. They were smiling and almost crying. Their emotions were different but all of them were nervous. They wanted to know the results. When they found out that Obama won the elections, nobody could hide the emotions. They were laughing, jumping, crying, shouting…
At that moment Tom realized that he was in the best place to take photos – in the place where he could find a lot of true emotions. That’s why he made that photo. It has a wonderful story, doesn’t it?

1.3 Read the text again and answer these questions:

1. Why did Tom go to Chicago?
2. Where did Tom want to go first?
3. What did he see outside the Convention Center?
4. What were the people waiting for?
5. How did the people react when they learned the election results?
6. What did Tom realize at that moment?
7. Do you think it has a good story?

1.4 In your opinion did Tom think that the place outside with all those people was better than the Convention Center? Why?


1.1 Look at the extract from the text and find the past continuous tense there. Do they describe actions that were in the photo or before/after he took the photo?

Tom turned on his camera and took the photo when the people were looking at large TV screens. They were smiling and almost crying.


1. At 11:10 last Friday I was working in my office.
2. I wasn’t sleeping at that time!
3. My father was having breakfast. He wasn’t working.
4. Was it snowing when you got up?
5. What were they doing at 4 p.m. yesterday? They were watching TV.

Past Continuous

• Use the past continuous tense if you want to describe an action that was in progress at a specific moment in the past.
• Use the past simple tense for a finished action in the past. • Use the past continuous tense for an action that was in progress before or at the time of the past simple action.

Past Simple or Past Continuous?

I was working in my office when the boss walked in.
I was having lunch when my sister arrived.

1.2 Look at the pictures. Put the verbs into the correct form, Past Continuous or Past Simple.

1.3 Complete the sentences.

1.4 Open the brackets.



1.1 Fill the gaps with one of these prepositions: at, in, on.

1.2 What prepositions (at, in, on) should we use with…

1.3 These are the words about location. Try to fill the gaps with correct prepositions (at, in, on):

1.4 These are the words about time. Try to fill the gaps with the correct prepositions (at, in, on):

1.5 Answer these questions using correct prepositions:

1. Where were you born?
2. What time do you normally have breakfast?
3. What time do you usually wake up?
4. When is your birthday?
5. What days of the week do you usually have more free time?
6. When do you usually go to bed?
7. What time do you like to go for a walk?
8. When were you born?
9. Where do you spend most of your time?
10. Where would you like to spend more time?


1.1 Listen to the speakers and repeat after them. Try to copy the rhythm.


Why are you so late today?
– Because I went to bed too early, unfortunately.
– And why did you do this?
– Because it was a very hard day: meetings, projects and so on.

1.2 Answer these questions about yesterday:

What were you doing:

– at 8 a.m.;
– at midday;
– at 3 p.m.;
– in the evening;
– at midnight?


1.1 Look at this photo. How can you describe it? When do you think it was taken? Who are these people?

1.2 Read the text about this photo and try to guess why it is called “The photo that changed her life”.

The photo that changed her life

There was a young lady Caroline who was born in 1940. She had a very rich grandfather who was an aristocrat and he had big business in Monaco and Paris. He had other grandchildren, too. When he died the Count made a decision to give all his money to Caroline. The granddaughter said that she didn’t know the reason of such a decision. Probably they just liked her. The grandfather paid for her education. Caroline studied at very expensive schools in Great Britain. He hoped that she would become a very successful person with a good husband and so on. But there was one word to describe her: a rebel. She moved to the United States and started to work there as a model. At the age of 28 she moved back to Paris.

1.3 Listen to the woman who was in the photo.

I definitely remember the date when it all happened. It was on May the 15th 1968. I was 28 years old at that time and I decided to leave America and go back home. My home was Paris. There were a lot of protests and activists at that moment. Demonstrations and different sorts of fighting were between police and youngsters. Politics was not really the subject I was interested in. I wasn’t a member of any parties. But what I liked very much was an atmosphere there. Really when you are staying there you feel all of this energy and power. It’s undescriptive! It’s not hard to guess what the students were fighting for – they wanted more freedom, of course. They wanted to have a revolution. The police were all around the students. My friend and I were just walking around and I got pretty tired, you know. That’s why one of my friends set me on his shoulders so I could relax. There was one more guy who was near us and he asked me to hold a flag. It was a Vietnamese flag. I didn’t mind, because I didn’t really take it seriously. I didn’t notice that there were really lots of photographers and that one of them took a photo of me carrying that flag! The next day the photo was everywhere and my grandfather saw it. He was incredibly angry and called me a communist. Well, it wasn’t true but he didn’t even want to listen to me. He said he wouldn’t leave me any money. It was the last talk we had. Later he died and he left me nothing.

1.4 Listen to the audio file once again and choose the correct answer.

1.5 What is her opinion about what she did? Is she sorry about it?

Speaking and Writing

1.1 Answer these questions:

1. What is your favorite photo? Who was a photographer? Describe this photo.
2. Do you like to upload your photos onto different social web-sites such as Instagram, VK, Facebook and others? How often do you do it?
3. What is your favorite photo from your childhood? Where were you? Were you there alone or not? If not, who was there with you and what were you doing?
4. What do you like more: to take photos or when somebody takes photos of you?
5. What do you like more: photos or pictures? Why?

1.2 Read a descriptive text about this photo.


A. This is one of the best photos I’ve ever taken! There is my best friend Lindsey in this photo.

B. I managed to take this photo on 24th April 2016 in my town when Lindsey and I went for a walk.

C. We went to the river because we liked to have some rest there and just talk. But that day something was a bit unusual. I felt really good. Even wonderful, I would say. So did Lindsey. Indeed, the atmosphere was specific that day. We were alone there and the weather was sunny and everything was wonderful. We really like to take photos and we decided to do it once again. But this time Lindsey wanted to make a heart with her fingers and I really wanted it to be unusual. So that I took a photo of her from the back and her shape was seen only. She was making that heart and holding it near her head. You can also see a wonderful sky and that small cloud and everything…

D. This is my favorite photo because it is very lovely and unusual and it reminds me that great atmosphere by the river.

E. I have this photo in my laptop and my phone and my friend Lindsey printed this photo and she has it in a frame by her bed.

1.3 Answer these questions: Which paragraph describes…

1.4 Describe a photo that you like the most using the example above.


listen and write


1.1 Complete these sentences correct forms of the given verbs.

1.2 Complete the dialogue with Past Simple or Past Continuous Tense.


1.3 These sentences are connected with Time. Fill the gaps with at, in, on.

1.4 These sentences are connected with Place. Fill the gaps with at, in, on.

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