GE|Adults|Pre-Intermediate|4. How did you spend your holidays?



1.1 You have two minutes to write down 10 things you like doing. E.g. going to cinema/theaters, listening to music etc.


1.1 Match the pictures and the phrases:

1.2 Write the correct phrases in the flashcards.

2.1 Match two parts of the verb phrases.

To rent or to hire?

There is no difference in meaning between verbs Rent and Hire but we usually use Hire for a shorter period of time, for example you can hire a bicycle or a boat. We use Rent when it is about long time.

For example, you can rent a house or a flat. While speaking about a car we can use both hire and rent.

3.1 Answer the questions below:

What would you prefer…?

– watching a romantic or a horror movie;
– going to the theater or to the cinema;
– listening to rock or pop music;
– doing yoga or dancing;
– having a dog or a cat as a pet;
– living in a big city or a small town.

3.2 Match the questions and answers.

Reading and Speaking

1.1 Read the story about Sarah and her boyfriend, Jack. Answer the questions after it:


“Expectations and reality”

2 months ago my boyfriend Jack and I decided to go somewhere on holiday for a week. What we were thinking about for a long time was a country we wanted to visit. Jack wanted to go to Germany, but I was just dreaming about Italy. So we finally agreed with the following: Germany first and then we’ll go to Italy.
Everything began great! We booked a room for two in a luxurious hotel in Bremen and went there as soon as we arrived into the city because it was at midnight. The next day we walked in the center of the city and saw such attractions as Bremen Town Musicians, Roland statue and Town hall. These places were just exciting! But what I was always thinking about was Italy anyway!
Then we went to Hamburg for two days because Jack wanted to see that city most of all. The weather was surprisingly good for Germany. It was really sunny and warm all the time. The city was so clean; people were very friendly there but when we went to a hotel in Hamburg Jack realized that he didn’t have his backpack anymore. And we were running out of our cash money. Thanks God, we didn’t lose our documents! But in our credit cards we had very little money. So we tried to find the backpack but we couldn’t. We stayed in Germany for two more days saving money. We had to stay in a badly furnished cheap hostel and came back home. I wish we decided to go to Italy first! But now I remember those days with a smile. It was great time anyway.

Sarah 26, a musician

1. What country did Sarah want to visit so much?
2. Did they like Bremen?
3. What was the hotel in Bremen like and how did it differ from the hostel in Hamburg?
4. Why didn’t they go to Italy?
5. Did she like the holiday in the end?

1.2 Retell the story you have read. You can use questions from the previous exercise to help you.

1.3 What is the meaning in bold words and phrases?

2.1 Read the story about Sam and his girlfriend, Martha. Answer these questions:


“I just loved that place! Everything was great, but thanks to her… it could have been much better.”

I am a journalist, so it is pretty usual thing for me to travel to new places, meet new people, book rooms in hotels and so on. But I always did it alone and for my job. So I never had a real holiday with my girlfriend, Martha, somewhere abroad. That’s why I decided to ask her to go to the West of the United Stated with me for two weeks.
Now the story begins: the problems started even before we went to the USA because we couldn’t agree on the date of departure. She wanted to go there in three weeks because there was an upcoming birthday party of her friend, Lisa, and she didn’t want to miss it. However, I wanted to go there during my vacation in a week, which was reasonable! So finally she agreed to go in a week. Hurrah!
I made a perfect plan of going all around the best of the West of the USA. I thought of hotels, buses, everything. But Martha… it was horrible! She always wanted to change everything! She didn’t like the room in the hotel in NY because it wasn’t on one of the upper floors. She didn’t like the local food because it was too spicy or oily. Cities were too crowded and noisy for her. But for me everything was just great. Everything was perfect apart from my girlfriend’s mood and behavior. To sum up, even understanding that the West of America was brilliant I would say that I thought it wasn’t my best vacation.

Sam 29, a journalist

1. What was the first problem about?
2. Why did Martha want to go to the USA later?
3. Why didn’t Martha like the hotel in NY?
4. Why didn’t Martha like the West of the USA?
5. In your opinion, will Sam ask Martha to travel with him again?

2.2 Retell the story you have read. You can use questions from the previous exercise to help you.

2.3 What is the meaning in bold words and phrases?


1.1 Listen to Sam and Sarah talking about their holidays. First listen to Sam. What can you say about his opinion of that holiday?



All of that was just great! The holiday was really nice and it was fun. I’m very glad we decided to go to Germany first because it was my dream to visit this country. My father worked there as an engineer for about 10 years and always told me good things about it. So I insisted on going there. Everything was great at the beginning: a luxurious hotel in Bremen, walking around the city and then going to Hamburg. But once I suddenly realized that I had lost my money. A moment later it came to me that there was Sarah’s money, too! And I got really nervous. Sarah and I started to look for my backpack everywhere but there was no way we could find it. We spent the rest of our money trying to save them during some more days and came back home. I was really happy about everything anyway. But the only thing I was a bit sorry about was Sarah’s bad mood, because she wanted to visit Italy so much. But she tried not to show it and not to worsen our holidays. I’m really thankful to her. And now I’m definitely sure that next time we will go to Italy!

1.2 Listen to Sam one more time and answer the questions below:

1. Why did he want to go to Germany so much?
2. How long did his father work there?
3. When did he get really nervous?
4. What did he say about Sarah and her behavior?
5. Does he want to go abroad with Sarah again?

2.1 Listen to Sarah. What can you say about her opinion of the holiday that she had?


I know how angry Sam was during that holiday because of me. I showed him that I didn’t like anything: that food was too bad, spicy and oily, that hotel wasn’t good enough, those cities were awful and crowded and noisy and oh, believe me, I can continue this list. But I did it for reason! He forgot about my birthday and about our wedding anniversary during that year. So I saw how wonderful everything was and, to tell the truth, there was nothing bad. But I just wanted to play on his nerves. That’s the way it was. After we came back home, I explained everything to him and he finally understood why I was in such a bad mood all that time. Indeed, I was really happy about everything. But I showed him that I wasn’t. Now I’m sure he won’t forget about my birthday and our wedding anniversary.

2.2 Listen to Sarah one more time and answer the questions below:

1. What did she say about food in the hotel?
2. Why did she show Sam that she didn’t like anything?
3. Was she happy about everything indeed?
4. Did she explain her behavior to him when they came back home?
5. What lesson did Sam learn?

2.3 What is your opinion on Sarah’s behaviour? Do you approve it?


1.1 What is the second form (Past Simple) of the following verbs? What can you say about these verbs? Are they regular or irregular?


Visit – visited (Regular)

See – Saw (Irregular)

1.2 Find and mark the past simple form of the verbs in the text «Expectations and reality».

2.1 How do you use past simple:

– with regular verbs
– with irregular verbs
– with the verb to be
— with could

2.2 Choose and mark the correct form of the verbs.


1.1 Listen to the sentences and repeat them:


I liked that party very much!…

1. I liked that party very much! They walked down the street.
2. He listened to me carefully. I loved you so much but now I don’t.
3. I wanted to have a shower. She decided to do it alone.

2.1 Say these verbs in the past simple tense. Which words do we pronounce with the sound [id]?

Want, stay, end, need, help, call, offer, use, enjoy, wait.

2.2 Listen to the correct pronunciation and check.

Wanted, stayed, ended, needed, helped, called, offered, used, enjoyed, waited.

Pronunciation Rules

If a verb ends with a silent sound we pronounce –ed ending with way: [t]
Cooked, talked

If a verb ends with a loud sound we pronounce –ed ending with way: [d]
Lived, opened

If a verb ends with –t or –d we pronounce –ed ending with way: [id]
Started, avoided


1.1 Look at “My journey” questions below. Complete them with the verbs in the Past Simple Tense in the correct form.


My journey

1.2 Answer the questions you have just completed.


pic2_T|Grammar act|L10


1.1 Fill in the gaps with the words below.

talk / drink / party / rest / bath / shave / tea / meal

1.2 Complete the sentences with the correct words.


1.3 Write down the correct form of the verbs in the past simple tense.

1.4 Make these sentences negative.


2.1 Choose one word with the odd pronunciation in each line according to their ending sounds.

2.2 Think of two more examples for each line.


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