GE|Adults|Beginner|4. What’s your phone number?


1.1 Look at the picture. Do you know how to fill it in?


Reading and Listening

1.1 Read and listen to the online conversation and then complete the chart.


Wow! Nice photo!

A: Wow! Nice photo! Who is she?
B: Anny. She’s my sister.
A: She’s very beautiful! How old is she?
B: She’s 22.
A: Is she married?
B: Yes, she is!

2.1 Choose and write the right variant. Complete the conversation.



1.1 Complete the questions with How, Who or What.

1.2 Read the rule.

Вопросы, которые начинаются с вопросительного слова и задаются с целью получения более подробной уточняющей информации, называются специальными. Вопросительное слово в специальном вопросе заменяет член предложения, к которому ставится вопрос.

Специальные вопросы могут начинаться словами:

who? – кто?
whom? – кого?
whose? – чей?
what? – что? какой?
which? – который?
when? – когда?
where? – где? куда?
why? – почему?
how? – как?
how much? – сколько? (для не исчисляемых)
how many? – сколько? (для исчисляемых)
how long? – как долго? сколько времени?
how often? – как часто?

Такие вопросы строятся согласно следующей схеме:

Вопросительное слово или конструкция / be (am, is, are) / Подлежащее
e.g. What (вопросительное слово) is (be) your name (подлежащее)?
How old (вопросительная конструкция) are (be) you (подлежащее)?

Word order

+ Subject, verb
You’re Russian.

? Verb, subject
Are you Russian?

? Question word, verb, subject
Where are you from?

Contractions with question words:

You can contract is after question words.
What’s your name? = What is your name?
How’s Jim? = How is Jim?

Don’t contract ’is’ in questions when the last word is a pronoun (he, she, it, etc.)

How old is she? NOT How old’s she?
Where is she? NOT Where’s she?

2.1 Complete with a question word.

2.2 Order the words to make questions.

2.3 Write questions to complete the dialogue.


1.1 Listen and write the phone number.


Oh-nine-one-six-seven-oh-six-seven-double five (3 seconds pause) Oh-nine-one-six-seven-oh-six-seven-double five

Phone number

0 = oh (or zero) 55 = double 5

1.2 Practise saying these phone numbers.


2.1 Listen and repeat the numbers.


eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty

2.2 Read and remember these numbers (turn to see the translation):

2.3 Match the numbers.

3.1 Learn the numbers (turn to see the translation).

3.2 Match the numbers.

3.3 Listen and write down the numbers you hear.


fifteen, twenty-seven, forty, twenty-nine, thirty-eight, twelve, fourteen, fifty-six, eleven, thirty-four, thirteen, ninety-two.


listen and write

1.1 Listen the difference between the numbers.


13 – 30
14 – 40
15 – 50
16 – 60
17 – 70
18 – 80
19 – 90

2.1 Listen and write down the number you hear.


⦁ thirty
⦁ forty
⦁ fifteen
⦁ sixty
⦁ seventeen
⦁ eighteen
⦁ ninety

3.1 Listen to the conversations. Number the questions 1-5.

OK, see you soon.

A: OK, see you soon. On Thursday?
B: Yes. Sorry, what’s your address, please?
A: It’s 89 Queen Street. It’s not far from here…

A: Sorry, may I come in?
B: Yes, sit down, please. What’s your name?
A: Luck Brines.

A: See you on Monday. What’s your phone number?
B: It’s 0809 157 1655.

A: Am I late?
B: No, you aren’t. Come in, please. How old are you?
A: I’m 28.
B: Ok.

A: Sorry, what’s your email?
B: It’s

3.2 Listen again and write the numbers in the answers.


1.1 Complete an application form.


Mr — a man
Mrs — married woman
Miss — not married woman
Ms — no information if the woman is married or not.
If you want to be polite, use Ms (it’s impolite to point out if the woman is married or not).

Don’t mix up:

Madam — if you don’t know woman’s surname
Sir — if you don’t know man’s surname
Use these words only when you address to somebody orally.

Capital letters

James Smith NOT james smith
389 Queen Street NOT 389 queen street
New York NOT new york

Application form

Pronunciation and Speaking

1.1 Listen and repeat the questions. Copy the rhythm.

What’s your name?

⦁ What’s your name? How do you spell it?
⦁ What’s your email?
⦁ What’s your address?
⦁ How old are you?
⦁ What’s your phone number?
⦁ Are you single?

What’s your name? How do you spell it?
What’s your email?
What’s your address?
How old are you?
What’s your phone number?
Are you single?

1.2 Answer the questions from the ex. 1.1

Homework / Домашнее задание

1.1 Complete the questions. Don’t use contractions. / Составь вопросы. Не используй сокращения.

Example: Who are you? – I’m your teacher.

1.2 Complete the conversation. Write the questions. / Составь диалог. Напиши вопросы.

1.3 Listen and write the numbers. / Послушай аудио и напиши числа.

1.4 Write the numbers. / Напиши числа.

1.5 Match the questions and answers. / Сопоставь вопросы и ответы.

1.6 Listen to the dialogue and complete the form. / Послушай диалог и заполни форму.

Hello. How can I help you?

A: Hello. How can I help you?
B: Hi. I need a dentist.
A: OK. What’s your name?
B: Christian Robins.
A: How o you spell your first name?
B: C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N
A: And your surname?
B: Robins. It’s R-O-B-I-N-S.
A: Thanks. How old are you, sir?
B: I’m 31.
A: 31, great. Are you married, Mr. Robins?
B: Yes, I am.
A: OK. And what’s your address?
B: 16 Adams Street.
A: Sorry, is it 16 or 60?
B: 16 – one six.
A: What’s your postcode?
B: It’s 35197.
A: 3-5-1-9-7. What’s your phone number?
B: It’s 091677813457.
A: Sorry, is it 0916?
B: Yes, 091677813457.
A: Thanks. And your email?
B: Just a second, please. It’s
A: Thank you, Mr. Robins. See you on Monday at 2 p.m.
B: Thanks.

1.7 Say the phone numbers. Listen and check. / Проговори телефонные номера. Послушай аудио и проверь себя.


Phone numbers

⦁ 12643161933
⦁ 07910642735
⦁ 13792204670
⦁ 13790455316
⦁ 49137007372

1.8 Click on the icon below and learn new words with Quizlet app. / Кликни по иконке ниже и учи новые слова в мобильном приложении Quizlet.


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