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Tick the opinion about the quote you agree with

Useful language

Stating an opinion

  • As far as I’m concerned…
  • If you ask me…

Expressing agreement

  • I agree with you 100 percent.
  • That’s for sure.
  • Absolutely.

Expressing disagreement

  • Not necessarily.
  • That’s not always the case.
  • I can’t accept it

Look at the tips on how to make a good first impression on a date and tick the ones you consider useful


Look at the topics and decide which are suitable for the first date. Brainstorm ideas to describe each topic


  • Hobbies: (suitable/inappropriate)

interesting — safe — icebreaker

  • Gossip: (suitable/inappropriate)

risky — taboo — tricky — conversation killer

Listen and fill the gaps


Presenter: A first date is loaded with expectation. Will I like them, and will they like me? Is this person going to be «the one» or will I want to run for the door before the starter? Will we have anything to talk about and if not, how will we get through the evening? Here’s relationships expert Jenny with some suggestions on how to make sure that your first date is the best it can be — even if it turns out to be your only date.
Jenny: Hello there. My first tip is ‘Choose the venue carefully’, that is, the place where you’re going to meet. Try to avoid very noisy places where you can’t hear each other, or places where you can’t talk, like cinemas. So a good place to meet might be a quiet bar for an after-work drink, for example, or lunch in a little local place you know. The advantage of keeping the first date short and sweet, meeting for a drink or for lunch rather than dinner, is that if you don’t like each other, you don’t have to make it through a seven-course meal together. And of course if you do like each other, you can either extend the date, or plan a longer one for next time. Tip number two is «Make an effort with your appearance». Obviously you don’t want to make so much of an effort that your date wouldn’t recognize you if they saw you in the street the next day. But getting your hair done, say, or wearing something you know you look good in, those kinds of things show that you care — and that you want to make a good impression. I mean, if you turn up with unwashed hair, wearing yesterday’s clothes, you aren’t likely to win any one over. The third tip, and it’s an important one, is «Be kind», even if you think the date is going nowhere. It doesn’t cost anything, and it’ll make a big difference to how much the other person enjoys themselves. Of course being kind also means not lying or giving your date false hope. Don’t tell someone that you’ll phone and that you can’t wait to see them again if you have absolutely no intention of following through! Tip number four, which is sort of related to number three, is «Don’t forget your manners». Make sure you turn up on time, and if you’re going to be late for whatever reason, let your date know. Try not to yawn even if you’re getting a bit tired. Turn off your phone, and if the other person is footing the bill, do remember to say «thank you». And one last thing while we’re on the subject of manners — you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat waiters and waitresses. So don’t just be polite to your date, be polite to the other people too. Number five is «Don’t pretend to be anything you’re not». It can be very tempting to exaggerate, or to dress up the truth, or just to plain lie to try to get your date interested. Of course you may get away with it if you don’t see the person again after the first date, but if the relationship does last any longer, you may find yourself in a tricky situation further down the line. So, for example, if you’re separated, don’t say that you’re divorced. If you hate football, don’t say that you can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than cheering on Manchester City. And if you work part-time in a call centre, don’t say you’re something big in communications. Finally, and this is my last tip. «Don’t make an instant judgement». Many of us make up our minds whether we like someone in the first few seconds or minutes of meeting them. But you know, first impressions can be misleading, so try not to rule someone out straight away. It’s much better to spend a bit of time getting to know them, and if you’re not sure about someone, it may take two or three dates before you can really decide. If you make a snap decision, you may risk missing out on the love of your life.
Presenter: Jenny, thank you very much for the advice. And now we turn to the next…

Listen again and mark the statements True or False. Comment on the statements

Complete the sentences with the idioms and phrasal verbs


Match the idioms with their meanings

Look at the sentences and match the phrases in bold with their meanings


Read the rules

1. I got an email from Marc today saying that he was leaving me!
If you’re going to the post office, could you get me some stamps?
Let’s not bother with a taxi — we can get the bus.
When do you think we’ll get to Paris?

2. We’d better go home. It’s getting dark.
I seem to have got very forgetful recently.
The traffic gets worse in the city centre every day.
I don’t think my mother will ever get used to living on her own.

3. Did you know Dan got sacked last week?
My husband got caught on the motorway driving at 150 km/h.

4. I’m going to get my hair cut next week.
I need to get my passport renewed — it runs out in a couple of months.

5. We need to get someone to fix the central heating — it’s not working properly.
Could you get Jane to finish the report? I’m too busy to do it this afternoon.

Verb Get


A lot of young people get depressed because their problems get ignored or ridiculed. It’s important for those people to get professional help, where they can get their problems sorted out


  • I need to get the newest Stephen King book at the store. Can you get it for me? It takes about 20 minutes to get to the store.
  • This show is getting better and better with each episode. They got some big actors involved in it. I wonder, if they can get any news channels to promote their show.


Get + direct object (= obtain, receive, buy, brich, fetch)

  • When you go shopping, can you get me something to eat?
  • I got this pin from my grandfather.

Get + to + place (= arrive at, reach)

  • How can we get to the station in 15 minutes?
  • When we got to London it was already dark.

Get + adjectiveV3 (= become)

  • I’m getting sick of waiting all the time.
  • Sam and Jenny got married two years ago.

Get + V3 (= passive)

  • Did you hear? Our neighbour got arrested last night.
  • Max needs to get promoted soon, or else he’s going to change companies.

Get + noun + V3

  • I’m planning to get my teeth fixed today.
  • Aren’t you going to get your room painted?

Get + noun + to + infinitive

  • I can’t get my computer to work.
  • How do I get Max to notice me?


Get is one of the most popular verbs in English language.

➢ It can be used to mean


Mary got her driving license last Friday.

I always get what I want.


I need to get my package at the post office.

Jane got a fine for speeding yesterday.


You need to get a new phone, this one barely works anymore!

When you go shopping, could you get some cat food as well?


Can you get me that box, please?

Would you like me to get you some coffee?


I’m planning to get the 7:30 train from Manchester.

Can you get us a taxi?


I can’t get these rules. Could you help me?

I keep telling Jack I’m not interested in him, but he’s just not getting it.

! We can also use the phrase «(I’ve) Got it» to say «I understand» or «I will deal with this».

«Our tap is leaking.»
«Don’t worry, Tom’s got it.» (= He will fix it.)

«When you see the error message, press this button.»
«Ok, got it.» (=I understand)

➢ We can use get to + place to mean arrive or reach.

Excuse me. How do I get to the bank from here?

We’re going to get to the Central Station in about 5 minutes.

! Exception: get home.

Call me when you get home.

Get can mean become if paired with


I’m getting sleepy. Can we finish for today?

Take a snack with you in case you get hungry.

Past Participle

It’s late and Sam is still not here. I’m getting worried.

What got you interested in this band?

➢ In informal English, we can use get instead of be in passive structures.

My friend almost got killed by a drunk driver.

Professor Plum got rewarded for developing the new baby formula.

Get can also replace have in «Have something done» structures.

You should get your eyes checked as soon as possible.

We’re getting our pet neutered next week.

Get can also mean persuade, make or ask in structure «get + noun + to + verb»

How can you get children to go outside more often?

Can you get Hugo to come to my office, please?

Common mistakes

What time are we going to get at the airport? ✔️ What time are we going to get to the airport?

Replace get with another verb in the correct form so that the sentences mean the same

Apart from the many phrases and idioms involving get, get is also frequently used as the main verb, often as a more informal alternative to another verb, e.g. obtain, receive, understand. In spoken English, get is also often used in certain grammatical structures, e.g. as an alternative to be in the passive, or instead of have in the structure get sth done. Here all these different uses are pulled together.


Choose the right option to complete the sentence

✔️ I think we ought to stop playing now. It (is getting/is got/has been getting) dark.

1. I only just got my in time. It was about to run out.

2. My husband has only been in the UK for two months and he just can't get on the left.

3. Monica's fiance in a car crash. He only just survived.

4. I can get my tomorrow night so we can go out.

5. If you can't find your keys, we'll have to get all .

6. We by the police today. They were looking for a stolen car.

7. I went to the optician's yesterday to .

8. — What happened to your hand? — I by our neighbour's dog yesterday.


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Choose a topic you would like to discuss

1. Do you think going on holiday together after a few dates is a good way to really get to know each other?

2. How do you prepare for a date? Do you usually get your hair cut?

3. If you were invited to a karaoke evening for the first date, would you try to get out of going?

1. Do you think women are better than men at getting presents for each other?

2. Have you ever got caught hiding something from your partner? How did you get away with it?

3. If you change something in your appearance, do you try to get noticed by your partner?

Related videos


Complete the sentences with suitable words

Listen to five speakers talking about memorable dates. Decide if they had successful or unsuccessful dates


Speaker 1

My best friend kept insisting that I met up with a cute, single male friend of hers. Finally, I gave in and went on a date. My friend was right: he really was cute and single. But he was totally obsessed with my friend — all he did was talk about her. I finally made an excuse to go home early after he asked me if I thought my friend was happy with her boyfriend!

Speaker 2

I was on my first date with this beautiful young lady, and we went to a nice restaurant. The waitress was bringing our drinks to us when one of the other waitresses asked her a question. And as she turned around, she tipped our drinks all over me — I mean, I was drenched from head to toe. Other than that, though, the date went really well. We got married after six months and well, now, fifteen years later, we still laugh about our first date.

Speaker 3

This is one of my more memorable dates, but for quite the wrong reason. What we did was this: he took me for a loooooong drive in his truck — I had absolutely no idea where we were. Then he stopped at a gas station and bought me an ice cream. And then he drove me back home again. That was it. As you can imagine, I didn’t bother to find out what would happen the second time round.

Speaker 4

My most memorable first date was at a fast food restaurant! I’d been trying to get together with this girl for weeks, but our schedules just didn’t coincide. So, when I was going out for a burger one evening, I just texted her and asked her to come. And amazingly, she did! And we ended up talking about everything from work to family. We’ve been together for eight months now, and she often pulls my leg about it.

Speaker 5

When my current boyfriend asked me out, we went out for dinner and then back to my place for coffee. And at some point he got down on his knees, you know, like he was going to propose, or something — and he got me really worried. Then he got a ring pull out of his pocket — you know, the ones that come off the top of a drinks can — and he said, «Will you be my girlfriend?» And after that, we couldn’t stop laughing.

Listen again and mark the sentences True or False

Match the phrases to their meanings


Read the article once. Which act of revenge caused the most damage? Then read again and match the headings to the texts

Choose a topic you like most and prepare a 180-second speech

Click on the hotspot with a question mark

Allow your browser access to your microphone, press the button «Click to Record» and record the speech you have prepared

Read the instructions


Consider the tips for writing a dating profile. Invent a distinctive username (for ideas, think about your background, location, personality).

  • Don’t be banal
  • Focus on your uniqueness (qualities, interests, hobbies)
  • Be proud of yourself, describe your achievements
  • Be honest, don’t exaggerate too much
  • Use humour carefully
  • Be positive
  • Be polite
  • Don’t badmouth your ex

Write your profile for a dating website of about 120-140 words


1. Read the topic and the questions carefully.

2. Plan what you are going to write about.

3. Write the text according to your plan.

4. Check your writing before sending it for evaluation.

5. Learn the rules and see the sample here.

6. Please use Grammarly to avoid spelling and some grammar mistakes.

1. short and sweet
2. follow through
3. dress up
4. make up one’s mind

Useful language

  • to win anyone over
  • to foot the bill
  • to rule someone out
  • to miss out

Useful language

  • The one thing I am most passionate about
  • The most influential person in my life has been
  • My friends describe me as
  • The one thing I wish people would notice more about me
  • I am looking for

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