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Put the characteristics of accommodation into the appropriate categories

Look at the hotel reviews on Choose the one that you think is the best for you and explain your choice

pic2_Aloha|Hotel probl|Pre-Int pic3_Aloha|Hotel probl|Pre-Int
pic4_Aloha|Hotel probl|Pre-Int pic5_Aloha|Hotel probl|Pre-Int

pic6_Aloha|Hotel probl|Pre-Int

pic7_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

After this lesson, you will be able to:

✔️check in at a hotel;

✔️change a hotel room;

✔️order services at a hotel.

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Read and complete the dialogue

Receptionist | Ellie

pic9_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

Open the cards and do the tasks

Receptionist | Mrs Volkova

Receptionist: Hello, again, Mrs Volkova. Did you like the food?
Mrs Volkova: Hi! Yes, it was great, thank you for recommending it.
Receptionist: You are welcome. Here is your room key. You’re in room 653. Just take the elevator on the right up to the 6th floor. When you get off the elevator, turn right. Your room is at the end of the corridor on the left-hand side. Just leave your suitcase here and the bellboy will bring it to your room.
Mrs Volkova: Thanks. Could you tell me where the restaurant is?
Receptionist: The restaurant is on the 1st floor and it serves breakfasts from 7 to 10 am. We also have a fitness centre that works from 10 am to 7 pm.
Mrs Volkova: Nice. Do we have TV in our room?
Receptionist: Every room has cable TV and a mini bar.
Mrs Volkova: What about the internet?
Receptionist: We have free wi-fi. The password is 135. Would you like anything else?
Mrs Volkova: Yes, when do we need to check out?
Receptionist: The check-out time is 12 o’clock. If you need a transfer or a taxi, feel free to ask it at the reception. If you need anything, just dial 9 for the reception.
Mrs Volkova: Thank you for the information. Good bye!
Receptionist: Have a nice day!

pic10_Aloha|Hotel probl|Pre-Int

pic11_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

Put the dialogue roles in the correct order to find out the problem Ellie has

pic12_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

Read the information and change the phrases to their synonyms

Read the dialogue and the life hack. Then answer the questions

pic13_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

pic14_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

pic15_Aloha|Hotel probl|Pre-Int

1. Do you usually give tips?

2. How much do you think Ellie should tip in this situation?

3. Is it good to give tips in all countries ?

pic16_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

pic17_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

pic18_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

Listen and complete the dialogue between the receptionist and Phil, who wants to order lunch

Receptionist Phil

Receptionist: Reception. Can I help you?
Phil: Good evening. This is room 421. Could you send lunch to my room, please?
Receptionist: Certainly, sir. What would you like to have?
Phil: I would like a glass of orange juice, vegetable soup, pasta carbonara, a chocolate muffin and a cup of black tea, please.
Receptionist: Sure. The lunch will be in your room in 15 minutes.
Phil: Thank you!

Choose the service you think you’ll need in your next trip and roleplay the dialogue like the one above with your teacher

pic19_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

Before we finish, let’s remember the things you’ve learnt today. Spin the wheel.

Match the words with the appropriate pictures

1a reception desk 2to spell 3a storage room 4a bellboy
5tips 6a maid 7sheets

pic20_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

Listen to the dialogues and answer the questions

Receptionist: Reception. Can I help you?
Phil: Good evening. This is room 215. Could you help me, please?
Receptionist: Certainly, sir. What would you like to know?
Phil: I would like to know which floor the swimming pool is here.
Receptionist: The swimming pool, the sauna and the fitness centre are on the first floor.
Phil: Thank you!

Receptionist: Reception. Can I help you?
Ellie: Good evening. This is room 215. Could you change our room, please?
Receptionist: What is the problem with the room, madam?
Ellie: It was very hot at night and the air conditioning wasn’t working.
Receptionist: I’m afraid we don’t have any rooms available at the moment. Would you like me to send someone to fix your air conditioning?
Ellie: Yes, I would like that. Thank you.

pic21_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

Watch the video that describes the attraction Ellie wants to visit. Then do the tasks 

It’s a big-name location in a small country, with big style. Monaco is the world’s second smallest country, but its Monte Carlo Casino is world famous. This casino has a well-deserved reputation for being a luxurious and classy establishment. Though it’s nearly 150 years old, the Monte Carlo Casino still looks brand new. The architect who designed the casino was Charles Garnier, the man who designed the Paris Opera. Monte Carlo’s exquisite buildings and beautiful grounds, gardens, and fountains, are a big sight.

Watch the video and decide if the sentences are true or false

Watch the video again and complete the text

pic22_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

Read about the attractions Phil would like to visit. Choose the correct options

Learn the highlighted words from the text. Use the dictionary

pic23_Aloha|Hotel problems|Pre-Int

Read the information below and prepare your 2-minute speech about the attraction you want to visit

Tell Ellie and Phil about the attraction you want to see in your next trip. You can answer these questions or add your ideas:

🔹Where is it?
🔹Who built it and when?
🔹What is special about it?
🔹What can you find in it and around it?


To read about the most popular attractions, you can go to 🔗tripadvisor. If you need ideas for your speech, you can read the reviews about the attraction you are interested in.

pic 24_Aloha|Hotel probl|Pre-Int

Allow your browser access to your microphone, press the button «Record» and record the speech you have prepared

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  • Hotel preferences
  • Our lesson route
  • Checking in at a hotel
  • Hotel facilities and services
  • Changing a room
  • Hotel services
  • Hotel vocabulary
  • Hotel services
  • Ellie's dream attraction
  • Phil's dream attraction
  • Your dream attraction
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