Adults|Grammar|Elementary|33. Am/is/are — questions


Read the rule

Woman Man

W: What’s your name?

M: David.

W: Are you married?

M: No, I’m single.

W: How old are you?

M: 25.

W: Are you a student?

M: Yes, I am.

Read the rule

Positive and questions


We say:

Is she at home? / Is your mother at home? (not Is at home your mother?)

Are they new? / Are your shoes new? (not Are new your shoes?)

Read the examples



  1. Where is your mother? Is she at home?
  2. «Where are you from?» «Canada.»
  3. «What colour is your car?» «It’s red.»
  4. «How old is Joe?» «He’s 24.»
  5. How are your parents? Are they well?
  6. These postcards are nice. How much are they?
  7. This hotel isn’t very good. Why is it so expensive?

Short forms

what’s = what is

who‘s = who is

how‘s = how is

where‘s = where is


  1. What’s the time?
  2. Who’s that man?
  3. Where’s Lucy?
  4. How’s your father?

Read the rule

Short answers


We use short forms with I/you/he/she etc., but you can use short forms (especially ‘s) with other words too:


  1. Who’s your favourite singer? (= who is)
  2. What’s the time? (= what is)
  3. There’s a big tree in the garden. (= there is)
  4. My sister’s working in London. (= my sister is working)
  5. Paul’s gone out. (= Paul has gone out)
  6. What colour’s your car? (= What colour is your car?)


Find the right answers for the questions

E.g. Where’s the camera? — In your bag.


Make questions with these words


Complete the questions. Use What… / What colour… / Who… / How old… / How much… / Where… + to be (in the correct form).


Read the answers and write questions


Write short answers, for example, Yes, I am. (+) / No, he isn’t. (-)

Write sentences for the pictures.

Use the correct words + is/isn’t/are/aren’t



  • The windows (is/isn’t/are/aren’t) open.
  • Lisa (is/isn’t/are/aren’t) happy.





Complete every gap with one or two words. Use short forms (e.g. I’m) where you can.

If you open the lesson plan you will be able to assign separate pages as homework or all the homework pages at once.

Урок Homework Курс
  • Questions - to be
  • Positive and questions
  • What...?
  • Short answers
  • Where's the camera?
  • Making questions
  • Who, What, How
  • Ask questions
  • Short answers
  • The windows are open
  • Are you hungry?
  • Homework
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